This week comes every year. The seven-day stretch between Christmas and New Years. Usually, it takes me by surprise, but this year I was watching and planning. 

I don't feel the need to claim 2024 as "my year." The truth is, they are all my years, just as they are yours. Time belongs to us even though we can't hang on to it in any meaningful way. Our best bet is simply to make the best use of it that we can as it passes. Holding it up or speeding it along aren't options available to us, even though it seems like someone is revving or slowing the motor. 

What I do need to claim is control over my schedule and my goals. So... here's the plan. 

I will write four books this year.

One in my Space fantasy series, The Unborn. The first books are set up in a sub-set called The Hive Trilogy. Next will come the Assassin's Duet, which will finish out the series. 

Next up: the sixth book in my Knox Agency Chronicles. We need to see if the fledgling relationship between Char and Brand is as doomed as he thinks it is. 

And then there's the fourth book in the Myth Quest Chronicles. Griffons and pixies will be prominent characters. 

Finally... Well. I haven't quite decided yet and I like to be flexible. Maybe a new Paranormal YA, or Paranormal Romance. We'll see. 

Business-wise, I'm going to keep trying to get my store off the ground. It takes time and work, but I'm willing to invest both. 

My family is always a priority, so keeping that in place will be another goal. 

Meanwhile, I hope to hear more from my readers. If you count yourself among them, and you haven't already, think about joining my newsletter or my FB reader group, C.L.'s Novel Bunch. 

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