Introducing the Author

Introducing the Author

I've been writing professionally for over ten years now. My first book was called Descent. It was intended to be a stand alone. That was my first mistake. Thinking I could write just one. 

It's sort of like chips, right? You take one or two, but the salt on your tongue leaves you thirsty for more. So far, I've written over twenty books, always with another story waiting between the keystrokes, hoping I'll get to it next.

My work spans five separate, but related genres. I started out writing Epic fantasy, then moved on to Paranormal YA. Next came Space Fantasy, followed by Paranormal Romance and then Urban Fantasy. Finally, I tried my hand at Middle Grade Fantasy. Are we sensing a trend here? 

Somewhere in there I added two pen names and separated things out. C.L. Roman writes Epic, Space, Urban, and Paranormal YA Fantasy novels. Leigh Roman writes Paranormal Romance. Honey Roman, my most recent incarnation, writes Middle Grade Fantasy with miniature co-authors. (Don't worry, they won't stay miniature. Two of them are already as tall as I am.)

I love the What ifs. What if your soul was taken from your body, but you didn't die? What if you studied to be a lawyer, but you could also talk to spirits AND you were a witch? What if your grandmother gave you a crystal that allowed you to create ANYTHING you wanted? What if you woke up one morning and discovered you'd changed into a unicorn?

All of these and more have happened in my books. I aim to create relateable, interesting characters and put them in dire situations. Sort of like driving them up a tree and then throwing rocks at them until they figure out a way to get down. (Hey, don't look at me like that. It's what authors are SUPPOSED to do.) Besides. They survive. Mostly. 

When I'm not putting my characters in dangerous positions, I'm reading, quilting or crafting. Somehow, those things help refill my creative well so I can write another story, or at least finish the one I'm working on. 

Through it all, my wonderful husband supports me. Together, we have three fur-clad housemates who think they run the show. Don't tell them, but I think they may have a point.

In any case, take a look around. I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often. 


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