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A Matter of Law, E-book

A Matter of Law, E-book

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Knox Agency Chronicles, Book Three

Finding a witness gets messy sometimes…

All Charlotte Knox wants is to find Ben Kennedy – wolf shifter and her primary witness – so she can quash the suit against her client. Unfortunately, that isn’t all she gets.

According to his conniving wife, Ben’s last known location is the office of an environmental action organization in Tallahassee, Florida. But the clues Char digs up lead to the capitol building, and Senator Samuel Drake, likely the last person to see Ben before he disappeared.

When Senator Drake is murdered, Char is there to find the body while fighting back memories of her recent trauma in Belfast. As first on the scene, with no legitimate reason she can share for being there, Char is an instant suspect.

Char's first instinct is to refuse when the senator’s wife asks her to find his assassin. But new evidence surfaces suggesting that the killing and Ben’s disappearance are connected. Finding the murderer might mean finding Ben.

With curses flying, bodies falling, and a blood cult rising, Char is forced to take a case she doesn’t want to find the only man who can clear her client’s name. Help comes from unexpected quarters, but will it be enough to stop the bloodlust of an ancient-artifact wielding warlock?

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