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A Tracing in the Soul, E-book

A Tracing in the Soul, E-book

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Hive Trilogy, Book Two

In a stunning twist of fate, Tessa finds herself trapped in an android body, determined to stop humanity's most terrifying enemy and restore Earth as our home. She joins forces with the alien prince, Sirius Komisara. Their goal is to destroy the Hive, an artificial lifeform made of the same nanocytes that wiped out most of Earth's human population. Amidst the danger, love sparks unexpectedly, threatening to derail their mission.

 The Hive, now evolved into the formidable HiveZ, possesses its own sinister agenda, with Tessa Graham as its prime target. As she races to confront humanity's nemesis and extinguish its malevolent threat, she receives aid from an unlikely ally. But treachery lurks in the shadows, endangering her every move. Will she unveil the truth before it's too late?

Prepare for an electrifying space fantasy that combines action and romance with breathtaking revelations. Tessa's journey brims with unexpected alliances, heart-pounding encounters, and a cataclysmic confrontation with a sentient enemy. As the stakes soar higher, she must grapple with the dawning realization that victory may require the ultimate sacrifice.

In this enthralling space odyssey, the bond between a human and an alien prince is tested against all odds. Fans of space fantasy epics will be captivated by this tale of resilience, redemption, and the pursuit of truth. Join Tessa as she embarks on a thrilling adventure to safeguard the future of mankind while wrestling with her own heart's desires. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the ultimate battle between good and evil unfolds in the farthest reaches of the cosmos

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