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Amplified, E-book

Amplified, E-book

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Knox Agency Chronicles, Book One

Magick is expensive…

Charlotte Knox was twelve when a dark witch murdered Delia, the only mother she’d ever known. Ten years later, Charlotte thinks she is safe because she’s already had her share of heartache. Nothing could be worse than losing her mother. Could it?

At a family reunion, she meets Cole Delaney. The attraction is instant, the heat intense. Taking a chance on love suddenly seems like an adventure instead of a risk.

But before Char can get to their first kiss, her great-grandmother brings a message from beyond the grave. Delia is not in the Summerlands. As tragedy piles upon tragedy, Char realizes that her mother’s killer is back, determined to complete a blood-magick ritual that will grant him unimaginable power and eternal life.

As Char races against time to rescue her younger sister, Lena, from the dark mage whose evil ambition threatens everyone she loves, Cole joins her, insisting that they are stronger together. Their only hope lies in a talisman that grants the bearer immeasurable power. With Sasha, the stone’s wyvern protector, the couple sets out to save Lena.

Can they reach her in time, or will the mage destroy them all?

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