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Changelings, E-book

Changelings, E-book

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Changelings Fantasy, Stand-Alone

Step through the mystical portal and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Life-Trade Vacations, where four thrilling tales await, each brimming with the promise of adventure, the allure of mystery, and the untamed forces of magic.

In a realm where ordinary lives wane into obscurity, a remarkable opportunity beckons. Life-Trade Vacations offers its patrons a chance to escape the world they know and embark on unparalleled journeys. Within these pages, lose yourself in four spellbinding stories of romance, perilous escapades, and enigmatic enchantments, surrendering to the call of the unknown.

As the astute business-elf Malduren "Ren" Faloron books his vacation in the human world through Life-Trade, he yearns for adventure tinged with romance. What he finds thrusts him into a perilous terrorist plot that threatens countless lives, including Ana, the wife of his human host. With no help from Life-Trade, can Ren thwart the attack without unveiling the secrets of the Fae realm to humanity?

Elsyle Boronim's desire for a restful holiday in the human realm takes an unexpected turn when he encounters talking cars, lost children, and vindictive trolls. Love with a human was never part of the plan, but destiny has other ideas. Now, he must weigh the risks against the rewards of a little artistic license.

Kaimus Coronan, an elf on a mission to escape the high-pressure world of the royal security team, meets Bridget, altering the course of his life. Both harbor dangerous secrets, and their fates are intertwined. Can they muster the trust needed to find refuge, or will the weight of their truths shatter their chance at safety?

It’s Jaelen’s second venture with Life-Trade, driven by betrayal and heartbreak from her first. Now, she returns to unearth the truth, and her journey may culminate in vengeance, the extent of which hinges on the answers she uncovers.

Ragan, the guardian who broke her own rules by falling for a client, must navigate a treacherous path to unveil the truth, even if it endangers her life. Can she rescue Jaelen from her own destructive path, or will they both be consumed by the flames of their past mistakes?

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