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Changelings first edition paperback

Changelings first edition paperback

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Note: This is a signed, print copy with the original cover (shown in image.) It ships from Brass Rag Press after the author signs it. Available while supplies last.

Step into a world where realms collide and destinies intertwine. Join the fae – Ren, Elsyle, Kai, and Jaelen – on a breathtaking journey through four mesmerizing Changeling Fantasies, each one filled with adventure, passion, and a touch of danger.

Ren, the daring business-elf, craves romance and excitement during his vacation. But when he uncovers a deadly terrorist plot that threatens innocent lives, he must navigate a treacherous path to protect the human realm without sacrificing his own.

Elsyle seeks solace and leisure in the human world, only to be thrust into an enchanting whirlwind of talking cars, vindictive trolls, and an unforeseen love affair. Will he embrace the liberating power of artistic license, knowing it might forever alter his existence?

Kaimus needs a break from his high-stress position as head of security to Aelfholme’s crown prince. But when he meets Bridget, a woman guarding her own perilous secrets, it is anything but relaxing. Their entangled fates push them to the brink of disaster, while the secrets they keep threaten to shatter the delicate balance between them. Can they learn to truth one another, or will they be destroyed by the forces that stalk them?

Jaelen returns to the human world, fueled by vengeance and determined to unveil the mysteries of a past betrayal. As she descends into darkness, Ragan, haunted by secrets and the love she cannot control, races against time to save Jaelen from the abyss before both are consumed by the flames of their own desires.

Prepare to be enthralled by the collision of two worlds, where enchantment lures you into extraordinary realms. Brace yourself for the heart-pounding journeys of Ren, Elsyle, Kai, and Jaelen as they navigate love, danger, and the unforeseen consequences of the Fae's entanglement with humanity.

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