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Descent, Paperback

Descent, Paperback

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Outcast Angels, Book One

Some choices can't be avoided...

In a celestial realm, seven angelic warriors desperately seek to avoid betraying their Creator without fighting their own kind. Faced with a relentless cosmic war, Fomor, their leader, makes a fateful choice: he escapes with six angels, now known as the Rephaim, straddling the line between loyalty and rebellion.

On Earth, they search for a new home, their hopes soaring when they find a human village with angelic lineage. Love ignites between the Rephaim and humans, hinting at more than just sanctuary. Yet, their refuge is threatened as The Fallen, now demons, target the village for destruction. They harbor an ageless grudge against humanity, and human blood heals their ravaged bodies.

To protect their beloved humans, the Rephaim must confront their exiled Fallen kin. Love blooms amid epic conflict, as Fomor and four celestial comrades form bonds with mortals, narrating a tale of love's defiance in darkness.

These chronicles reveal profound sacrifices that transcend cosmic boundaries. Together, the Rephaim and their mortal partners navigate a perilous world where humanity's destiny hangs by a fragile thread.

Step into a realm where love outshines the stars, and the fate of worlds depends on the unwavering bond between the Rephaim and humanity.

8.5 x 5.5, 336 pages, delivered by BookVault.  Since each book is printed upon receipt of order, your order may take a few extra days to reach you.

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