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Divided, E-book

Divided, E-book

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A Tangled Souls Paranormal Romance

May be read in any order, or as a stand-alone

Straddling two worlds exacts a dangerous cost, and Jackson Delaney is about to pay it in blood, magic, and passion...

Jackson Delaney, a soldier with the extraordinary gift of "pathwalking," survived the battlefield by a thread, haunted by the enchanting specter of a mysterious beauty who may or may not exist. Desperate for a fresh start and determined to sever all ties to the supernatural, he returns home, only to find that magic has other plans for him.

Magic, once awakened, never fades quietly, and it demands a price for its extraordinary gifts.

Suddenly thrust into a world he never knew existed, Jackson unravels a hidden past and inherits a talisman of unimaginable power, coveted by malevolent forces willing to kill to reclaim it. Just as he grapples with these newfound dangers, the enigmatic woman from his visions reappears, leaving him to question whether she's a threat, a seductive distraction, or the key to his destiny.

With time running out, and darkness closing in, Jackson must master his burgeoning powers. He's forced to place his trust in Maeve, the woman from his dreams, as they embark on a perilous journey to unlock his true potential. The shadows loom, and survival becomes a fierce battle.

In a race against the encroaching darkness, can Maeve teach Jackson to harness his new power before it consumes them both? Their love, their lives, and the fate of two worlds hang in the balance, and only the most powerful magic of all—unyielding love—can guide them through the perilous dance of destiny. Prepare to lose yourself in a tale of forbidden love, unbridled magic, and heart-stopping danger.

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