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Dragon Quest, E-book

Dragon Quest, E-book

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Myth Quest Chronicles, Book Two

In the small town of Dabbleton, adventures are hard to come by. But ten-year-old Anthony has a problem only magic can solve. When he hears about his cousin's thrilling adventure, he's inspired to seek one of his own.

Determined to find a way to defeat the bully at his school, Anthony packs up and ventures into Heartsinger Wood. There, he meets a wizard who agrees to brew him a dragon potion, but only if Anthony can find four magical items for him.

With his list in hand and accompanied by Draggol, a talking rat with a pack on his back, Anthony sets out on his quest. But Heartsinger Wood is a mysterious place, full of surprises and secrets where monarchs rule, and even the animals have the power of speech.

As Anthony and Draggol journey deeper into the wood, they encounter challenges and obstacles they never could have anticipated. The wizard's true intentions come to light, and Anthony is forced to confront the truth about himself. Will he continue on his quest, or will he embrace his true identity?

With heart-pounding action and unexpected twists and turns, Heartsinger Wood is a thrilling adventure for readers of all ages. Anthony's journey of self-discovery will inspire and delight, and the magical world of Heartsinger Wood will capture the imagination.

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