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Fire Candidate, E-book

Fire Candidate, E-book

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Witch of Forsyth High, Book Two

Learning to trust yourself is the hardest lesson of all...

Lila Stuart isn't your typical teenager, and setting her birthday party ablaze is just the tip of the iceberg. Her peculiar brand of otherworldly talents attracts the attention of a ruthless adversary, forcing her and her family to abandon everything they've known. But the pursuit doesn't end there, as a predatory demi-god tracks them to their new refuge.

Soon, Lila finds herself ensnared by a sinister human trafficking cartel with a chilling specialty: the exploitation of first-generation angel-human hybrids, like herself. These individuals possess powers that could shape them into either heroes or lethal villains. Threatened with harm to her family, Lila confronts a gut-wrenching choice: become an assassin or endure a life of servitude.

Will Lila unearth an escape route, or will the toll of her resistance prove unbearable? In the scorching second chapter of The Witch of Forsythe High series, the relentless demands of life converge with the harrowing consequences they leave in their turbulent wake.

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