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First Candidate, E-book

First Candidate, E-book

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Witch of Forsythe High, Book One

Survival means treading the desperate, dangerous line between doing what we must and doing what is right.

Julian "Juju" Ramirez's sole mission is to safeguard his younger brother, Terry, in a world determined to tear them apart. Left to fend for both of them, Juju selects a treacherous path, dealing in weed within Forsythe High's very halls.

The revelation of a hidden ability—a strange and supernatural power capable of tipping the scales in his favor—ought to be a blessing. However, within Forsythe High's deceptive maze, it becomes a curse, drawing unwanted attention.

Fighting against local thugs, a sinister drug cartel, and a mysterious DEA Agent relentlessly eyeing a piece of his operation, trust becomes an elusive mirage. Even Ms. Fischer, the enigmatic teacher offering her help, conceals her own secrets. Can Juju place his faith in her, or is he safer navigating this treacherous terrain alone?

In a realm where danger lurks around every corner, Juju's concealed talents, alongside his enigmatic abilities, loom as a ticking time bomb. Will he uncover the elusive truth hidden beneath layers of deceit before it irreparably shatters his world?

Embark on an exhilarating journey alongside Juju through a complex and shadowy labyrinth where every choice carries life-or-death consequences. As perilous secrets, his emerging powers, and imminent danger draw near, he races against time to safeguard the one precious thing he holds dear.

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