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Forged, E-book

Forged, E-book

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A Tangled Souls Paranormal Romance

May be read in any order, or as a stand-alone.

Declan Delaney and Isabelle Ramirez knew in high school that they were destined to be together. Both grew up in the small town of Cassadaga. Both come from families steeped in magic. They shared a past, but their future together isn’t guaranteed.

Declan was born with the ability to read the emotions of others. Time and training have given him some control, but the harder it is to block it out. When Declan accidentally reads her emotions in a tense moment, it feels like an invasion. She can’t help feeling that it might be a deal breaker. How can she stand on her own when her deepest emotions can be exposed by a single touch?

Torn between love and her desire for independence, Isabelle chooses the latter, leaving Declan heartbroken. She walks away, and he believes he has lost her forever.

Five years later, the pair have grown up – and live on either side of an impasse. Declan Delaney is an dedicated EMT, a career where his magical empathy comes in handy. Isabelle is a highly talented witch. Running her family’s café is just the start of her ambitious dreams.

Just when Isabelle suggests that they might try again, Declan inherits a mystical talisman – a soul stone with the power to heal any wound – even mortal ones. The stone has long been sought by dangerous foes from the Fae Realm, and when the secret of its location falls into enemy hands, Isabelle and Declan become targets for one of the most vicious fae ever born.

With two worlds teetering on the edge, Isabelle and Declan must make a choice. Can they learn to embrace each other and rekindle their love before it's too late?

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