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Gaia Rediscovered, E-book

Gaia Rediscovered, E-book

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Earth Immortal, Book Three

In the distant cosmos, humanity faces a dire struggle for survival, exiled from Earth due to a devastating plague. Seeking refuge among the stars, they embark on a perilous quest for a new home. From these shadows, a hero must emerge.

Enter Lieutenant Commander Valeria Demyanov, a resilient figure whose fate intertwines with mankind's. Cast aside after a disastrous mission tainted by incompetence and greed, Val rebuilds her shattered dreams as a space salvager, navigating the remnants of forgotten civilizations.

However, fate has different plans. Desperation echoes through the corridors of power as famine and war loom over the survivors. The U.S. Fleet, on the brink of collapse, reignites their relentless pursuit of sanctuary. In the midst of this struggle, Val receives a frantic distress signal from an unknown fleet claiming to be from Earth. Driven by curiosity, she embarks on a treacherous journey into the unknown.

Within the wreckage of the mysterious armada, Val uncovers a truth that could either save humanity or push it further toward destruction. As the embodiment of hope, she races against time, navigating treachery, battling inner demons, and confronting relentless forces that threaten her species' survival.

In this gripping space fantasy, where life and death clash amidst the stars, Val's every step exposes the fragility of humanity's existence. Joined by her team, she engages in an epic battle against insurmountable odds.

Embark on an enthralling odyssey with Val, where courage and loyalty face ultimate tests and the discovery of a new home teeters on the precipice between utopia and oblivion. This mesmerizing space saga will captivate fans of sweeping adventures, delivering the triumphant spirit of humanity against all odds.

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