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Gaia Rising, E-book

Gaia Rising, E-book

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Earth Immortal, Book One

In a universe where winning means survival and losing means death, Gaia must undertake a treacherous journey to secure the throne she never wanted.

When her brother is brutally murdered, Gaia finds herself unwillingly thrust into the spotlight. As the new heir to the Black Throne, she is faced with an arranged marriage to Atoli, the power-hungry prince of a rival clan. A fate she reluctantly accepts for the good of her kingdom.

Amidst the chaos, Bardan, Atoli's enigmatic half-brother, captures Gaia's attention. But between her impending marriage and the mounting attacks on her family, a dangerous love triangle isn't an indulgence she can afford. Someone is dead set against her union with Atoli, and they will go to any lengths to stop it.

As Gaia navigates a web of deceit, an unknown adversary deploys a deadly new weapon against her. Now she must outsmart cold-blooded assassins and uncover her secret enemies. The survival of her people and the balance of power in the galaxy depend on her success. Failure will cause the annihilation of entire species, the devastation of galaxies, and the unraveling of the very fabric of the universe.

In a riveting space fantasy similar to Game of Thrones and Dune, political intrigue, forbidden love, heart-stopping adventure, and danger reach astronomical proportions. Join Gaia on a breathtaking adventure as she encounters dazzling alien species and traverses a magnificent galactic empire. This enthralling tale will leave you on the edge of your seat, craving more of the extraordinary world within its pages.

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