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Gaia's Rebellion First Edition Paperback

Gaia's Rebellion First Edition Paperback

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Note: This is a signed, print copy with the original cover (shown in image.) It ships from Brass Rag Press after the author signs it. Available while supplies last. 

In the midst of a historic global summit in Denmark, Gaia, the clandestine guardian of Earth, appears with an urgent message: unite and undo the damage inflicted upon the planet, or face the peril of humanity's extinction.

While many countries rally in agreement, the corporate powers stand aloof, driven solely by insatiable greed for higher profits. Amidst this discord, President Sara Evans of the United States emerges as a beacon of unwavering determination, fueled by the gravity of Gaia's warning. However, time grows perilously short as dissenting voices sow doubt and disbelief echo among the populace.

Cornered by circumstances, President Evans entrusts the formidable William "Mac" MacGarrett with shaping Earth's destiny, facing a prophecy that may already be unfolding as nature, each catastrophe more devastating than the last. In the face of impending doom, one fact becomes clear; escape is the only recourse.

With time slipping away, MacGarrett races to assemble a massive space armada. But even that effort may not be enough as Gaia's enemies unleash a formidable bioweapon, transforming the infected into relentless soldiers seeking the annihilation of their own kind.

Earth trembles on the precipice of destruction as powerful forces struggle for supremacy. Can President Evans and MacGarrett defy the inexorable march of time, outmaneuver their adversaries, and escape annihilation? Or will the intricate tapestry of humanity unravel, consumed by the merciless chaos of oblivion?

Fans of Dune, Ninefox Gambit, and Winter's Orbit will be irresistibly drawn into a breathtaking space odyssey. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding voyage through a galaxy teeming with intrigue and peril, where the line between ally and adversary blurs, and existence teeters on the horizon like a graceful dancer poised upon the razor-sharp edge of a gleaming blade.

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