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Time Lapse, E-book

Time Lapse, E-book

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Knox Agency Chronicles, Book Two

There are only seven soul stones, but every time one turns up, it means trouble with a capital T.

Charlotte Knox is a newly minted lawyer who’s just aced the bar exam, opened her first office, and landed her very first client. Life should be a breeze, right? Well, think again.

Despite repeatedly insisting that she’s a lawyer, not a private investigator, Charlotte finds herself entangled in a web of supernatural affairs. Zelmara O’Connor, an extraordinary white witch and coven leader, keeps drawing her into unforeseen situations. Now, Charlotte is whisked away to Ireland on a mission to locate Zelmara’s missing daughter, Ryleigh, and ensure her safety from the clutches of Drakat, the ambitious ruler of Belfast’s demon underworld.

What begins as a straightforward missing person case quickly spirals into life-threatening complexity. Charlotte discovers that Ryleigh is on the run protecting Nate Byrne, a twelve-year-old boy with a penchant for mischief. But there’s more at stake than meets the eye. Ryleigh is also safeguarding a powerful soul stone, the Caraigama, which grants its wielder the ability to travel through time — and maybe change the past. If Drakat obtains this stone, her thirst for power may lead to catastrophic consequences.

With the fate of Ryleigh, Nate, and Belfast hanging in the balance, Drakat will stop at nothing to control the Caraigama, even if it means murdering the innocent. But Charlotte isn’t alone in this perilous endeavor. She holds her own soul stone, defended by Sasha, a formidable wyvern guardian. With the support of her boyfriend, Cole, Charlotte embarks on a race against time to save Ryleigh, Nate, and the precious stone, all while ensuring she makes it back for her next court date.

Fans of Kim Harrison, Lindsay Buroker, and Nalini Singh will find themselves captivated by this heart-pounding urban fantasy adventure, filled with shapeshifters, enchanting creatures, and chaos. Prepare for a thrilling ride as romance mingles with supernatural twists at every turn.

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