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Unchained, Paperback

Unchained, Paperback

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A Tangled Souls Paranormal Romance

May be read in any order or as a stand-alone

Part-time witch and full-time university librarian, Shawn Basilman, is not looking for love or trouble.

But when they both come knocking, she can’t turn them away.

After banishing her gaslighting, demon-summoning ex, Shawn wants a break from men, but meeting Luke Panteran, a mesmerizing panther-shifter, has her ready to change her mind. As the walls around her emotions crumble, Shawn grapples with a question: can she entrust her fragile heart to a new love when the embers of her divorce still smolder?

As if her hot mess of a love life weren’t enough, Shawn's world unfurls into a tapestry of secrets when she travels back to her childhood home. Unveiled before her is the truth about her heritage, and it comes with an ancient soul-stone taken from the Fae realm.

The enigmatic talisman pulsates with unparalleled power – power her family has sworn to protect. Yet, there are those who believe she has no right to this inheritance. A ruthless adversary, hungry for power and fueled by malevolence, stalks the shadows, willing to plunge both realms into chaos to seize the stone's might.

With Luke at her side, Shawn realizes she must become an unwilling player in an inter-realm game with no rules and deadly consequences. Thrust into a high-stakes gamble, with the soul-stone's power and her loved ones' safety hanging in the balance, Shawn’s journey will demand every ounce of courage she has, and a resilience she never knew she possessed.

In this paranormal romance that ignites like a bewitched cauldron, Shawn Basilman must navigate passion and peril, battling not only dark forces but the vulnerabilities within herself. Can she reawaken her dormant magic and embrace a love written in the stars without losing all that she holds dear? Venture into a world where danger and passion dance hand in hand, and where an ordinary librarian discovers her extraordinary destiny.

8.5" x 5.5", 273 pages, Delivered by BookVault.  Since each book is printed upon receipt of order, your order may take a few extra days to reach you.

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