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Unicorn Quest, Paperback

Unicorn Quest, Paperback

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Myth Quest Chronicles, Book One

Be careful what you wish for...

When ten-year-old Angelina Smith has a bad day, she wishes she could turn into a unicorn, thus avoiding the annoyance of homework and chores. But when her wish comes true, the experience isn’t at all what she hoped for. To start with, none of her clothes fit, and she can’t even brush her teeth!

She is definitely going to be late for school.

Worse yet, her troubles have only just begun. Snitched on by a nosy neighbor, Angelina soon has the authorities hot on her trail. She escapes into the woods, where both help and danger await. With the assistance of a wizard, a wren, and three queens, Angelina hopes to gather the ingredients for a spell that will change her back into a human girl.

Secrets and betrayal abound in this epic romp through a magical realm where unicorns can run on almost anything and banshee tears are the key to transformation. Hidden motives and unexpected obstacles will test Angelina at every turn. Can she succeed in her quest, or will those who stand in the way trap her in a unicorn body forever?

Fans of childhood adventure, talking animals and mythological creatures will love this tale of a girl who learns the value of courage, wisdom, and honesty no matter what shape you wear, and being yourself is truly the best thing you can wish for.

8.5" x 5.5", 131 pages, Delivered by BookVault

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