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Unlawful Possession, E-book

Unlawful Possession, E-book

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Knox Agency Chronicles, Book Five

Some scars never fade…

Enter a world of chilling murders, questionable vampires, and relentless demons in the quiet town of Hawthorne. Char, a skilled private investigator with her own scars, takes on a case that leads her down a dangerous path.

During a once in a lifetime photo shoot, Georgia's life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a sinister demon named Mara in an occult bookstore. Possessed by Mara's dark agenda, Georgia becomes a pawn in a mission to acquire three powerful soul stones. Holding one stone would give her unimaginable power – holding three would turn Mara into an unbeatable force for evil.

When the demon curses Cole, she sets a grim countdown in motion. Worse yet, Char’s mentor, Brand, has secrets of his own. Hidden truths that could be deal breakers for the budding romance between them. When her duty as an investigator clashes with the tumultuous emotions stirred by this dangerous attraction, which will she choose?

As Mara’s grip on Georgia intensifies, her power grows. To defeat her, Char must gather her wits, rebuild alliances, and race against time to stop the demon from claiming all three soul stones. Failure would plunge the world into chaos.

In this pulse-pounding fantasy thriller, Char's resilience, loyalties, and heart are tested. Can she protect her own heart and the lives of the innocent as she battles the encroaching darkness? The fate of three realms hangs in the balance, with Char's choices as the deciding factor in the ultimate battle between light and darkness.

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